Adrift in an Astral Sea

Where dead gods come to be forgotten. An introspective pen and paper game for one.

ADRIFT IN AN ASTRAL SEA is a single-player game, requiring pen, paper and six-sided die. You are a sailor of the Astral — where old gods come to be forgotten — searching for that which can fuel your apotheosis.

Inspired by works such as Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods, Planescape (both the tabletop roleplaying game and Torment) and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman; ADRIFT is my attempt at a short and minimalistic narrative-driven roleplaying game. Each playthrough aims to create either an engaging story of failure in a strange realm or an exciting tale of how the multiverse’s newest divinity came to be.

An example of a post-game creation:

If you’ve played and enjoyed Adrift, do share your own creations! I would love to read them.