We, the City

More than anyone else, YOU are the city.

The City is growing, changing, and each of you represent a different face of the City, a yearning to be something else. Through the years and seasons, what will we become?

WE, THE CITY is a game about belonging outside belonging, and features no dice and no masters. Together, players tell the story of a city and its communities changing through the seasons; as different energies fall in and out of vogue.

Play as Glimmering, Neon, Rose, Grid or Utopia—competing souls of the city inspired by neoliberalism, cyberpunk, Sex and the City, Brazil and urbanist memes!

You can download the game for free here.

Ever since I first read through Dream Askew, I’ve always wanted to create a game about belonging outside belonging. In taking inspiration from the system, I’m hoping We, the City manages to create some thought provoking and evocative storytelling about difference and belonging.