#1: Coalition

A competitive electioneering game; largest coalition wins.

In short: COALITION is a competitive game about elections and coalition-building, for 2 or more players, requiring only pen, paper and string. Meant for completion in one sitting of 20-30 minutes. Download it here.

The Recipe:

  • Reflecting on 3 semesters of classes on game theory, political cleavages and electoral systems inspired this one.

  • Add to that a desire to put together a minimalistic game that would be quick to prototype and experiment with.

  • And the finishing touches—life just feels so empty when you’re not making something, when you’re not playing games. So I’m challenging myself to my knick knack challenge: make a knick knack every fortnight.

  • Add it all together and the first game of the Knick Knack challenge is born.

Development Notes:

  • I wanted to make a game to have players take the role of politicians as they apply game theory to a fantastical electoral system. Yet, the abstraction of gameplay seems to have removed a lot of what makes politics exciting: the intensity of competition, the persuasiveness of ideology, the human touch of electioneering.

  • I’m not sure if the themes and mechanics I was hoping to implement are just beyond the realm of something you could do with pen, paper and string. Perhaps this is just version 0.1 of something more.